Keep your business ahead with our integrated ERP and CRM solutions to create a healthy bond with clients. We at static King knows that Customer Relations management or CRM and Enterprise resource planning are the two solutions that are like two hand of a business that automates and support the whole business system.

Statistics says ERP systems increase order-to-shipment by 23 times and provides inventory accuracy by 97%.ERP solutions designed by us can manage all aspects of the business including financial management, human resources, supply chain management, and manufacturing. It also provides transparency in the business process by keeping a track of all aspects like production, finance, and materials. It also helps in detecting and removing duplicate data and provides data integrity.


On the other hand, CRM deals in front-end information such as recording customer interactions, sales tracking and evaluating and creating campaigns, etc. The abundance of customer data is generated daily and it is becoming difficult to handle a huge amount of data efficiently which can create problems in decision making and ultimately in sales and purchase process.

With the advancement in technology, things become more complex as an organization grows and things become hard to control. Handling two softwares may be difficult. To solve this problem, we at Digital By have come up with an integrated ERP and CRM system. Whether it is using CRM for customer service or an ERP user from billing a customer's account, all changes can be done with single software. This means they will share the same database. It also gives you a clearer picture of all stages of sales and customer service process. Integration of these two systems will also give faster access to crucial information. It will eliminate duplicate data entry and duplication from the whole system. There will be an improvement in order, inventory and quote management systems. The combination of these two softwares will help employees gather and analyze data.

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