Still using paper-based accounting? Want to reduce your accounts and finance expenses? Do you think accounting and financial transactions are time-consuming? Then you must contact us. We are Digital By - a well-known name in the world of digitalization and can solve your problem digitally. Digitalization has covered every industry. Even the accounts and finance management has realized the potential of digitalization.

Advantages of Accounts and Finance management

Helps in a systematic organization

Digitalization of accounting and the financial system helps in systematic organization of complete accounting and financial details. From tracking transactions to running cash flow, it helps in getting every information in less time.


More Security

hard copies or files are always at risk of getting damaged, stolen or misplaced. Digital accounts and finance are free from such risks. Regularly backing up information and storing information in a digital server prevents data from further losses.


Provide accurate results and real-time data

Digitalization of accounts and finance management review, analyze and sort data easily in a few minutes and create an accurate report. This saves time and increases productivity as compared to a paper-based accounting system.


Easy access to important data

It can produce multiple reports with huge data required by different departments in less time.


Authentication restricted

By using password-protected files and folders and authorize access to specific users, you can hide your data from unwanted exposure.

To make the tedious task of paper-based accounts and finance, we have come up with specially designed software that will not only save your time and money but will require less human power. Our long tenure in the digital world and a long list of happy clients witness our expertise.

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